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Biohacking Fitness and Recovery Since 2018


Increase Your Strength
with Adaptive Resistance

ARX the safest, most effective, and most efficient way to exercise period. Science based, Computer Driven Training on the most advanced equipment available. 

Take Your Recovery to New Heights.

All of The Latest Biohacking Technology Will Have You Recovering From Training and Injury Like Never Before.

Dramatically Reduce Your Biological Age.

Yes, Your Chronical Age is a Real Number, But Your Biological Age Can Be Reversed Quite Drastically. 

Greatly Enhance Your

Athletic Performance.

Increase Your Power, Endurance and VO2 Max While Reducing Latic Acid and Reaction Time.

Burn More Calories with an Increased Metabolism

Verifiable Results through

Clinically Accurate Testing.

No Guessing Your Caloric


Improve your Health at The Cellular Level.

There are Approximately 

37.2 Trillion Cells in the Human Body and Their Health Determines Your Health. 

Mountain Bikes

Why Choose The Zone
Superhuman Wellness Center?

Since 2018, The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center has gathered all the latest biohacking technology to make your health, fitness and recovery aspirations a reality. If you want to increase strength, improve your health at the cellular level, dramatically reverse aging, enhance your athletic performance or simply recover from training or injury faster than ever before, we have what you need to achieve your goals. Whether you are new to your wellness journey or just need that final push to reach your full potential, The Zone has a program to make your health, fitness, recovery and anti-aging Superhuman Goals a reality.   

Staying Active Requires Recovery to Help Prevent Injury

The more active you are the more recovery time is needed. There are 3 key components to being fit. The second component which is Sleep, Nutrition and Recovery is often overlooked. This leads to overuse injuries and doesn't produce the desired results.  Remember it is much easier to stay injury free than it is to recover after an injury. 

Four players compete in the mixed doubles division of a pickleball tournament.jpg

Take your Health and Fitness to New Heights. 

Cutting Edge Services for Every Wellness Goal

You have goals and we have protocols to help you reach them.



Having strength plays a key role in our lives. However, spending 3 to 5 days a week in a gym and hours lifting weights is not the answer. We use Computerized ARX Fitness Machines to excelerate your strength gains in as little as 15 minutes per week.

Girl in Cryo.png


Recovery is an intrical part of being fit and healthy. We use hot, cold, light and magnetic energy, among other programs to speed your recovery at the cellular level. 



It doesn't matter if you're a weekend warrior or a world class athlete, we have the tools to take your performance to the next level. No matter the level you are currently at, we know the formula to take you to your highest potential.

Healthy at any age

Anti Aging

From the day we're born, getting chronologically older is inevitable. However, actually feeling older can be delayed and reversed. At The Zone we have protocols that help you reset your biological clock, and get healthier at the cellular level.

Patient on Scale

Weight Loss

Losing weight is easier with a plan based on your unique metabolic data and lifestyle.  At The Zone we work with your data and a dietician to develop a program that is tailored to you as an individual and your weight loss goals.

Clinically Accurate Analysis to Create Benchmarks

Meet PNOĒ.

PNOĒ analyses your body’s key metrics. Your test results will allow you to realize your fitness potential in a matter of months.The first nutrition and training program personalized to your metabolism with clinical precision.


Superior Results in Only 15 Minutes 1 or 2 times a week



The results of a 2021 Fitness Study showed that the ARX control group achieved 2.5 times greater fat loss, 2 times greater muscle mass gain, 3.5 times greater cardiovascular fitness improvement, and 90% greater strength gains than the weight lifting  control group over the course of 12 weeks and did so by spending 72% less time exercising.

Personalized Resistance to Give the Ideal, High-Intensity Workout in Just  15 Minutes.

Maximize your Energy and Circulatory Systems


Bemer PEMF

Kickstart your Micro-Circulation to deliver Nutrients and Oxygen to your Cells. Increases blood flow. Create an environment where your body can heal faster.


CAROL Bike gives you the shortest, most effective workouts—backed by science.  With AI-personalization and Instant Resistance, a 10 Minute Ride has Same Benefits as 45 Minute Jog

Carol Bike.jpg


Boost Oxygen Levels and immune system, Increases Circulation and Energy, Supports Cell Health, Improves Athletic Performance

Red Light Therapy

Recover faster, relieve pain and inflammation, improve circulation and skin health. Helps build collagen and elastin. 

Rapid Recovery

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Recover from training or injury faster than ever before with a 3 minute Cryotherapy Session.

Closeup of localized cryotherapy session to the neck of young woman. Ice cold nitrogen vap

Localized Cryotherapy

Targeted Cryotherapy session reduces inflammation, relieves pain and swelling and helps you recover faster. Works great on shoulder, neck, elbow, knee, and ankle 

Normatec Compression

Massage your limbs, mobilize fluid like Lactate and speed recovery, increase circulation, relief from minor pain and swelling, improve range of motion.


Detox with Infrared Heat


Infrared Sauna

Detox your body. Provides pain relief, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, purifies the skin, aids in weight loss.

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